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Your pet will now be in our safe and caring hands, ready for their journey to the rainbow bridge.

When the time comes for your pets' ashes to be returned, we will return the ashes to your home within 3 days of collection.

If you have made a prior arrangement, the ashes can be collected from the crematorium.

What happens?

The Journey



Professional collection service for your beloved pet. 


Ensuring your pet is taken into caring hands. 

We offer various collection options, to ensure you are at ease with each step of the process. 

If your beloved pet has passed at home, we will come to your home to collect them. We will return the ashes to your home, to cherish their memory in the place memories were made. 

If your beloved pet has passed at a veterinary practice, please inform us of the location and date. We will be there to collect your pet. However, your vet may have pre-established arrangements with other firms. If you would like us to take care of your pet, please make this aware to your vet beforehand.


You are more than welcome to bring your pet to Forget Me Not. We have a quiet room, which is private and serene. You can say your final goodbye to your pet here. We will provide you with comfort and support through this tough time. 


Making your pets journey to the rainbow bridge comfortable and peaceful.  

Image by Janan Lagerwall

Claire Knowles

"I lost my little rabbit Bumpy recently and they expressed such compassion over the phone, but I must express my gratitude to Liam, who came and collected him with such care and compassion..."


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