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Ginger Cat

Forever in our Hearts

No matter how long we have them, it's never long enough,

Their presence softens hearts, losing them is tough.

They bring us joy in wagging tails, in purrs so soft and sweet,

In every day and every night, they make our lives complete.


They teach us love without a word, their eyes say all they need,

With loyalty and silent strength, in every gentle deed.

Though time with them is fleeting, their impact ever strong,

In memories they linger, where they truly do belong.


"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" they say,

For the happiness they brought us will never fade away.

Though goodbye is often tearful, their love remains so bright,

Guiding us through sorrow, into the gentle night.


In heaven's fields they frolic, free from any pain,

Their spirits running wild, in sun and gentle rain.

Their love lights up our hearts, keeps us unshaken,

With every paw print left behind, a bond that's never forsaken.


Their lives weave into ours, a tapestry so grand,

With every bark and every purr, they lend a helping hand.

The memories of their happy times, like stars in twilight sky,

Illuminate our darkest days and lift our spirits high.


As we journey forward, their love within our hearts,

They guide us from the Rainbow Bridge, though we're apart.

Their lessons live within us, in kindness and in care,

No matter how long we have them, their love is always there.


From Forget Me Not to You



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